Laura’s Mum, Baby Yoga

I initially came to baby yoga as I have back issues and I wanted the opportunity to learn new things that would benefit my daughter’s development over the next few months that I wouldn’t know to try on my own. Having never done any yoga type activity before I was a bit hesitant about coming to the class but it hasn’t felt like a hindrance to any of my involvement with the sessions.

I enjoy how relaxed and supportive the atmosphere is with both yourself and other mums. I have been to other baby groups and felt ‘outside’ of the group but this hasn’t occurred at all with baby yoga. My back has definitely improved, I feel that it is a really supportive group where you can ask questions about stuff other than yoga – all of this has made me feel a more confident mum!

I honestly believe Laura’s quick development to constantly rolling and enjoying tummy time comes from the sessions. I also really enjoy showing her dad the things we’ve learnt that week and getting him to try them. The breathing exercises have helped with night-time feedings and making her super calm as well as her benefiting from all the interaction with other lovely babies!

I would 100% recommend them to any new mum as it is a calm and supportive group that just teaches so many manoeuvres, songs and lifts that you can apply and have fun with when you get home as well as genuinely helping with mum’s post-birth recovery! It’s been nothing but a positive experience for both myself and Laura

Laura’s mum