I started working with Active-Eat a few months ago, my aim was to lose weight and to eat properly for racing and training. Since working with Active-Eat I have seen very positive changes to my diet and I found different substitutes for unhealthy snacks which has helped me with my current situation of working and training straight after work.

My experience with Active-Eat has been great, Jenny has been really helpful and if I’ve ever had a problem or simple question about what to eat, when to eat it etc. she has helped me!

I would strongly recommend looking into changing your diet if you have any doubt about it since even small changes can make a huge difference and eating properly can help you feel good and improve performance in sports, concentrate in learning, sleep properly at night etc.

Over this year I have seen a massive improvement in my performance in canoe slalom, especially having energy to work as hard as I can to get to the bottom of a course in the fastest possible time.