Mini-Retreats Online

Our mini-retreats are 1.5 hours of amazing Dru yoga, relaxation and breathing techniques at home that are sure to leave you feeling on top of the world.

Our Mini-Retreats are a fabulous way to enjoy some well-deserved ‘me time’, slow the mind and balance the body. All without leaving the comfort of your own home. They are suitable for all levels and abilities, helping you to build strength and stamina through yoga posture and sequence work.

They are a great way to expand and compliment your regular yoga class or practice. Or, as a one-off session for a treat. You can book your place here for this online live session or get in touch to find out more.

3 Hour Mini-Retreats

Escape from the stresses of everyday life with three hours of yoga and relaxation in beautiful surroundings. Our Mini-Retreats remain a firm favourite with so many clients. Not only because they offer a deeper exploration of yoga and relaxation, but also because they always include some homemade healthy treats to share over a cup of tea. A real chance to slow down and enjoy being present with like-minded people.  

*Please note in person Mini-Retreats will start again 2021 when COVID permits.*

Back Care Workshops

My Back-Care workshops combine research proven Dru back care techniques with RYC® core strengthening and mobility work.

Restore Your Core Workshops™

Take your strengthened movement patterns to new and fun levels. In the RYC® workshops you will build strength further and become your own master of movement.

Shoulder and Neck Release Workshop

If you have tight neck and shoulders from sitting at a desk all day, get frequent tension headaches or want to optimise your mobility in your shoulders then this workshop is for you.

Using my experiences of overcoming 2 shoulder injuries and combining my RYC® and movement knowledge I have created a workshop that will help you to release shoulder and neck tension.

Get in touch to find out when the next workshop is taking place.

Breathing and Core Fundamentals Workshop

New to RYC® then this workshop is a great introduction to explore how your breathing can affect your ability to engage your core effectively. If you’ve been doing RYC® for a while and you need some additional support to understand candles breathings and some of the basics then come along to this workshop for a refresher.

Get in touch to find out when the next workshop is taking place.

Hip Mobility and Strength Workshop

In this workshop I will share with you my favourite tips for releasing tight hips. If you have back or hip pain then this workshop is just the thing. I have personal experience of hip pain and I will share with you things that have helped me.

Get in touch to find out when the next workshop is taking place.

Shoulder Workshop coming soon get in touch to find out more and book on or to find out more about mini retreats and back care workshops


“What I love about it is that my body feels so powerful, it’s funny, it’s the same body but I’m more present with it somehow and I think actually I can do anything with this body, it’s alright, it’s good for me.” Heather

“Thanks Jenny, I feel much freer in the body. I’ve used the ‘full stop’ thought process several times recently to great effect” Ruth