Back care is becoming more and more important in our society. With so many people working in desk-based jobs, spending long hours sitting looking at laptops or a mobile phone, it isn’t really surprising that chronic back and shoulder pain is a rising problem in our society.

After completing my initial Dru Yoga Teacher Training I went on to complete my Dru Back Care Diploma. This felt like a natural progression for me as it’s something that I’ve struggled with personally for a long time. And, as a self-confessed anatomy geek I am always keen to deepen my understanding of how the whole body works and fits together. You can find out more about the research behind the Dru Back Care Programme here.

To build on this knowledge further I qualified as Restore Your Core Teacher™. RYC® is a restorative programme to rebuild strength in the core muscle group but also addresses alignment, blind spots and imbalances within the body. RYC® was initially designed to help post-natal women. However, I have been blown away with how it also supports the back-care work I already do: It has an incredible impact on how pain is experienced and alleviated in the body.

My Back-Care workshops combine research proven Dru back care techniques with RYC® core strengthening and mobility work. They include videos and handouts so that you can continue your practice at home.

Workshops are currently taking place on Zoom due to COVID 19. In person workshops will restart in 2021. Alternatively, a back care 1-1 is a great way to explore your issues in more detail.

Please contact me to arrange an appointment.

Still not sure? Then check out these back care testimonials:

“The initial reason that I came to the workshop was due to a long-standing problem with my back… worsening after having two children. Constant pain in daily living. The room was lovely, in a beautiful setting. Small intimate course. Friendly and informative.
The following day I had a busy day and for the first time in memory, I forgot about my back pain. I was able to go out, look after the kids and drive around with minimal discomfort. In fact I don’t think I even needed painkillers the day after! I feel like I need to continue with the follow up exercises and advice but it certainly made a difference within 24 hrs.
I would definitely recommend to anyone struggling with back pain, for whatever reason… the exercises are easy to follow and can be done by anyone. Jen explains the reasons behind the movements and can adapt the positions to suit you/your pain threshold. Jen comes across as very knowledgeable, caring and promotes a peaceful, happy class where people are free to talk and get to know one another. The healthy snack was delicious too!!” Joe

“It was a fantastic morning spent with lovely people doing something purposeful! I felt like we listened to and emphasized with each other about our experiences which was comforting. I arrived in pain, feeling apprehensive and a bit miserable and I left feeling freer, more flexible and like I had something to celebrate! Thanks Jen!” Tina