Small changes can make a huge difference.

It’s not about getting up at 5am every morning to twist yourself up like a pretzel before drinking down some crazy concoction that someone on the internet said would change your life. It’s about making smaller lifestyle changes that build up to something bigger – better health, less pain, more relaxation and higher energy levels.

Through expert nutrition advice and bespoke Yoga classes, retreats and workshops, Active-Eat provide a whole body approach to tackling the stresses of modern life: Empowering clients with the knowledge and skills to make changes that leave them feeling stronger and healthier than ever before.

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What Our Clients Say

 What Clients Say

Reviews for Active-Eat. Read what clients say about Active-Eat.


Jenny’s recipes are so quick, easy and tasty; they are great to fit into a busy… Read more “Jenny”


My experiences with Active-Eat were absolutely life-changing.  Not to mention mind, body and figure-changing!  For me personally, it wasn’t entirely a lack of knowledge, I’d always been interested in healthy eating but like so many people– I’d never fully figured out how to integrate it into my own schedule and lifestyle.  Additionally, I have a… Read more “Rebecca”