Our mission is to show people that by making a few small changes to their lifestyle through yoga and nutrition, their energy levels and health improve immensely.

At Active-Eat we believe it’s  important to show people that healthy food doesn’t have to taste like cardboard. It doesn’t even require you to be a gourmet chef with tons of time. For those who are yet to embark on the world of yoga, we excel in explaining that you don’t need to be able to twist yourself up like a pretzel to be able to do yoga. Simply listen to your body and work within your own limits.

We run retreats and workshops to help kick-start your healthier lifestyle. Bring your life back in to balance with relaxation and healthy eating. Active-Eat is run by Jenny Oakenfull, a nutritional therapist, Dru Yoga instructor and former international sportswoman. Her goal is to help you gain the right knowledge and tools to make healthier life decisions without have to make drastic change to your lifestyle.

You can book a FREE 15-minute consultation with regards to your yoga and nutrition needs. Head to the Contact page to find out more.

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What Our Clients Say

 What Clients Say

Reviews for Active-Eat. Read what clients say about Active-Eat.


Since starting with Active-Eat I feel more in control and feel much more confident. I have type 2 diabetes and I felt that I needed to get my blood sugars under control and felt unable to do so on my own. I was attracted by the support and nutritional advice on offer with Active-Eat. Once … Read more "Anonymous"


My experiences with Active-Eat were absolutely life-changing.  Not to mention mind, body and figure-changing!  For me personally, it wasn’t entirely a lack of knowledge, I’d always been interested in healthy eating but like so many people– I’d never fully figured out how to integrate it into my own schedule and lifestyle.  Additionally, I have a … Read more "Rebecca"