My experiences with Active-Eat were absolutely life-changing.  Not to mention mind, body and figure-changing!  For me personally, it wasn’t entirely a lack of knowledge, I’d always been interested in healthy eating but like so many people– I’d never fully figured out how to integrate it into my own schedule and lifestyle.  Additionally, I have a history of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which is not a big problem to me like it was 10 years ago when I got it, but it was still an important health factor that I knew could be positively influenced by a change of lifestyle.  Every time I’d adopted a very healthy regime, my symptoms have always improved: the problem was sustaining it.

Enter Active-Eat’s Jenny.  She is not just a lovely, friendly, bubbly young woman (who rather impressively used to be in the GB youth squad for canoeing), she is also deeply knowledgeable about every single aspect of eating and the kinds of habits that people may have got into– and how to alter them practically.  Yes, those are definitely the buzz words for me that sum up my experience with Jenny:  practicality, ingenuity, knowledge and motivation.  From the first session Jenny’s attention to my own personal needs and her gentle, practical methods for inspiring lasting changes in me were very evident.  She never espouses a huge and fast change in any area, rather, she gradually takes you off the things that may not be helping you, and introduces clever and totally yummy things into your diet that will really help you to feel fit, fab and absolutely glow

I cannot recommend Active-Eat highly enough.  My Chronic Fatigue symptoms are completely under control, I haven’t had a cold or a virus (which I used to get all the time) since I started working with Jenny (about 6 months ago).  My nails, which had been flaky since primary school (despite an already well-developed interest in wholegrains and organic foods)– have grown long and strong and beautiful– I can’t believe it!  My powers of concentration, energy levels and mood are all greatly improved.  I have lost weight without ever feeling hungry once, and everywhere I go people tell me how well I am looking.

If you are thinking of investing in some nutritional support– this is the best way I can think of for doing it.  You get a beautiful, bubbly helpful, well-qualified and experienced young lady straight into your home computer/ mobile phone in the simplest way possible: over Skype.  Having read lots of books by LA and Harley Street nutritionists, I genuinely believe that Active-Eat’s services offer a viable alternative that will produce similar, if not better results.  If you can afford to do this and are hesitating at all– waste no more time.  You’ll only need to do one series of consultations with Jenny and your life will be improved forever.