Restore Your Core Series – Level 1 Feb 2021

Restore Your Core Series - Level 1 Feb 2021

Every Thursday 4th-25th Feb 2021


In these hour long classes Jenny teaches you techniques that will nourish your body. In the current environment these are conducted via Zoom with opportunity for some Q&A at the end of each class. The sessions include homework video clips from Jenny for those that want to practice between sessions

RYC® Level 1

These classes are vital for building the foundational understanding for how to restore your core.

We will perform whole body exercises to retrain your core and pelvic floor to be reflexive and functional for your everyday movements both on and off the mat.

We will work on breathing patterns, posture and alignment using cues to help you effectively use your body with love.

You will be amazed at how such small movements work your body so effectively.