February 8, 2020 @ 9:30 am – 12:00 pm
The Little Yoga Barn
Jenny Oakenfull
Back Care Workshop @ The Little Yoga Barn

Dru Yoga Back Care Workshop

Back pain is a very common problem but 85% of people who go to see their GP don’t have a specific diagnosis.

Have you been told that you have non-specific back pain, a muscular or mechanical problem or a sprain? Then this workshop if for you!

This 2½ hr workshop will:

  • Include A Dru Yoga Back Care class. This is one of the world’s first evidence-based yoga programmes for preventing and relieving back pain, designed by physiotherapists, osteopaths, yoga therapists and GP’s
  • Help you understand how your normal movement patterns and habits can aggravate your back as well as what can relieve the pain.
  • Give you a brief overview of the anatomy and physiology of your back, dispelling some of the myths around movement and low back pain
  • Help you to learn how to re-educate your core muscles to reflexively engage
  • Offer practical exercises which will help you manage your pain
  • Provide handouts and videos to help you practice these skills at home to re-educate your muscles.
  • And includes lots of Relaxation and healthy cake!

With just a few minutes of practice each day, you can experience significant benefits, regardless of whether you have a history of chronic back pain or simply want to learn how to maintain a strong and healthy back.



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