Becky – Back Care Workshop

 “Active-Eat back care workshop really helped the way I feel about my back. As I am getting older my back has been giving me more problems and I hurt it about 6 months prior to the course, needing physiotherapy. I have a very active job and I felt fearful about my back pain affecting my ability to work.

Jenny’s workshop taught me to appreciate my back and what it can do and also what I can do to take care of it. I have incorporated some of the movements she showed us into my daily yoga practice and this, I feel, has made my back stronger.

I have had back niggles and even more serious back issues since the workshop but I have been able to sort out those issues by going back to the excellent follow-up videos Jenny sent us and being more mindful about doing the exercises. This has kept my back moving and helped it to recover quicker. I now no longer feel scared about my back thanks to Active-Eat. I would highly recommend her workshops and would go to more myself. ” 

Becky – Back Care Workshop Participant

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