March 3, 2022 @ 10:30 am – 12:15 pm
Web based
Mini Retreat @ Home @ Web based

When life feels a bit out of control and nothing is quite what you are used then find a quiet spot at home and escape to our mini retreat @ home.

This mini retreat will help release tension, leaving you feeling relaxed and calm. We will centre the body and mind through 1.5 amazing hours of Dru yoga, relaxation and breathing techniques. There will be a chance to chat and spend time with like-minded people.

You will experience elements of yoga that you don’t usually get the chance to in a weekly class. The key is to enjoy an element of yoga that helps you stretch, de-stress and embrace some ‘me’ time. They are a great way to expand and compliment your regular yoga practice; or are equally great to do as standalone sessions, even if you’ve never done yoga before.

The mini retreats are suitable for all levels and abilities, including complete beginner; they are aimed at restoring balance in your body, helping you to build strength and stamina while also enjoying a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

What is Dru Yoga?

Many people appreciate Dru because anyone can do it, regardless of age, body shape or ability. Dru is a graceful and potent form of yoga. It is based on soft flowing movements, directed breathing and visualisation. It is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating, yet it can take you to any level of fitness you’d like, improving your strength, flexibility and building core stability.

Using classical yoga postures, sequences, breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques we help you keep mind, body and soul healthy and in balance. Dru is designed to work with your body not against. So you will never push yourself into a position you are not comfortable in or over stretch the body. You will learn to techniques to listen to your body and respond to what it needs.

Booking a Mini Retreat @ Home:

There is a maximum of 15 students, so there will be plenty of time to create a tailored experience

Cost £15, get in touch to book on

If you are pregnant please contact me before booking. This mini retreat is not suitable if you are less than 14 weeks pregnant.

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